Suspended Fitness For Athletes

Suspended Fitness can help improve athletes’ strength, stability, balance and core strength.



Suspended Fitness with the CrankIt Straps creates an unstable environment in which to train, causing a need for the activation of all muscles surrounding the primary joints in the exercise, not just the prime movers.

In such training environments, the core is in a complete and constant state of activity in every exercise. Core stabilisation is required to maintain proper alignment and body position, while stabilising muscles around the joints are activated to stabilise the distal segments while in an unstable environment.

This new type of whole-body engagement is made apparent when performing some of the very demanding bodyweight exercises that can be employed to build strength using the CrankIt Straps.




During CrankIt Straps movements, one or more body parts are destabilised. This creates a significant increase in muscular demand, causing the muscle chain to work and contract together at an elevated level when compared to exercises where range of motion and line of movement are fixed/controlled, as with most machine based strength exercises.

Stabiliser muscles are challenged to maintain joint integrity as muscles work to produce smooth movement while concurrently managing the constant movements caused by the unstable environment. Training under loaded instability also causes complete activation of the prime movers.



Balance, proprioception, and core stability are closely linked to each other and an increase in one, or two will largely result in an increase in the other/s.

CrankIt Straps Training places the body in a position of destabilisation while under load. This creates a challenging position where body awareness must be developed to enable the core and other joint stabilisers to manage correct posture and body position.

As your body awareness and core control increases, it allows you to better control your body position and produce more efficient movement in progressively more challenging positions. This increased ability to generate power and fluid movement in an unstable environment directly transfers to increased performance in virtually every sport.



Suspended Fitness with the CrankIt Straps is very athletic, creating stability and body awareness challenges that emphasize muscle firing sequences and movement patterns that transfer directly to movements found both in sport and daily life.

Suspended Fitness training offers exercises that promote coordinated, whole body movement and can create challenging, sport specific variations that require power and agility – the key athletic components for most sports.


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Author: Owen Bowling

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