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Connect Partner Training (Blue)


CONNECT™ by CrankIt is the world’s most effective partner exercise tool. Suitable for beginners to advanced users, train with a partner to create effective and challenging workouts.

Perfect for group training and introducing something new and fun for your clients.

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You are working directly with another person, and also influencing how hard they work, from what angles the load is coming from, and you can also control ROM and speed.
Most exercise modalities are disconnected – one person works by themselves. CONNECT™ ™ training is only possible with two people working TOGETHER and engaging at a higher level.

CONNECT™ is an incredibly versatile training method – it can be performed anywhere AND has hundreds of movement variations.

Optimal Loading
Optimal loading describes the ability to CHANGE the load at different ranges within the exercise movement pattern, so that the exerciser has varied load to match their strength at each phase of the movement. This is achieved by having the person controlling the movement working in eccentric, and the exerciser working in concentric. As long as the two are relatively close in strength, users are stronger in eccentric so the eccentric controls the force being lifted by the concentric.

CONNECT™ training is massively FUN. You have two people both working against each other, with high variety and engagement.





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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 11 cm


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