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6 Week Warrior

AUD$39.00 AUD$19.50

Build a warriors fitness foundation in 6 weeks


6 Week Warrior
Build a warriors fitness foundation in 6 weeks

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Challenge yourself with this warrior workout schedule for the next 6 weeks!

The 6 Week Warrior training plan includes progressing strength, cardio and core workouts every week for 6 weeks.

Each day in the training plan calendar is linked to a workout within the Club, or marked as a rest day.


  • Don’t race ahead – even though you might feel you are able. Just stay with the program as your body needs time to adjust to your new levels of fitness and strength as you progress
  • Eat well! All your hard work can be undone with poor nutrition
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure you stay hydrated
  • Do the Warm up and Cool down routines before and after each workout. They will help your body prepare for each workout and also reduce the risk of injury


  • Suspension Straps


  • Running Shoes
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Athletic Apparel
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