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Cardio HIIT 2
Cardio HIIT 2
30-45 Minutes

Advanced high intensity interval cardio and suspension workout designed to get you fit fast! Complete at a fast tempo and aim to record your best time.

Total Body
Suspension Straps


STEP 1: View the Workout tab below to see what is included in the workout.

STEP 2: If you are unsure of exercise technique you can watch the exercise videos.

STEP 3: Start your workout from the Workout tab by pressing the blue “Start” button above the rounds.

STEP 4: Complete 3 Rounds. Once you have finished all rounds, press the blue “Save Workout” button above the rounds.

This is a TIME based workout. Aim to complete the workout in the fastest time, but ensure you maintain correct exercise technique!



100 Metres


15 Reps Each Side



10 Reps Each Side


Rest Up To 2 Minutes


100 Metres


20 Reps Alternating




Rest Up To 3 Minutes











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