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When to Avoid hamstring injuries by NOT doing deadlifts!

One of the best ways to steer clear of tweaking, straining or tearing your hammies is to make them really strong in the eccentric (lengthening) phase of movements. Also we ideally want to achieve glute and hamstring co contraction, that is, have them both working…

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The latest Science on warming up and cooling down

Science proves that no matter how relaxed or intense you’re training session, activity or sport, warming up before and cooling down after exercise can have a variety of health benefits. All fitness programs need to allow time for stretching to allow the body to be…

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The common stretch you should be avoiding

Do you do this common stretch or give it to your clients? Check out brief videos below that demonstrate why you SHOULDN'T, and the alternative option you can use. So why is this stretch so bad? Let's check out what's actually happening with your lumbar…

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How to set healthy habits and fast track your goals

Many people struggle setting healthy habits and goals because they don't have a clear framework to help guide them, and the end up setting goals that are either not specific enough, or not achievable in the time frame planned. This guide is designed to help…

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