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84 Tips To Losing Fat, Being Healthier And Feeling Better

84 tips to losing fat, being healthier and feeling better

Here are our top 84 tips that you can incorporate into your life over the next 30 days to improve your health, fitness and vitality, lose weight, improve your mood, increase your sex drive, improve your relationships… and much more!

Try to adhere to as many of these tips as possible for 1 month while completing one of our effective Training Plans and we GUARANTEE you will experience amazing results!



Most people think of health and fitness being largely affected by diet and exercise; however there are many lifestyle factors that can positively or negatively affect your health, hormones, and overall enjoyment of life!


1. Go to bed before 10pm and to sleep before 10.30 pm.

2. Sleep in a DARK room.

3. Get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night.

4. Turn off the lights or have very dim lights for 2 hours before bed.

5. ALWAYS eat breakfast.

6. Cravings for unnecessary snacks will pass if you turn your attention to something else for 5-10 minutes.

7. Don’t smoke, and if you smoke already, do everything in your power to quit. Don’t buy into that my-granny-smoked-and-lived-to-be-90 crud – not even the tobacco giants believe it!

8. Keep a food journal until you are fully aware of what you are putting in your mouth.

9. Brush your teeth if you have a dessert craving after dinner (without caving in to the temptation for dessert).

10. Laugh often (this carries a number of proven physiological as well as psychological benefits).

11. Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake and frequency. (We all know it, but alcohol is not a health supplement!)

12. Watch less TV and play computer games less often, and do both for shorter periods.

13. Plan your week in advance – including exercise and food.

14. Write down your goals for the year ahead, the quarter ahead, the month ahead and the week ahead.

15. Have a daily To Do list of the most important things that need to get done – including exercise and food (buying, preparing, cooking) – for best results, build your list around what motivates you most in your life.

16. Talk less, listen more and reflect more, being fully present in your conversations and interactions.

17. Find one or more medical practitioners who understand nutrition, hormones and lifestyle – not just drugs!

18. Throw away your scale. Your body weight in Kilograms or Pounds is not a reflection of your health or vitality OR FAT CONTENT! Did you know you can easily be plus or minus 2 KG (4 Pounds) at different times in the day, and that gaining a KG of fat overnight is pretty much impossible?

19. Women – lose the high heels. They cause all sorts of postural problems and will reduce your ability to MOVE well. This will in turn have a creeping effect on your energy levels, as well as flexibility and overall vitality.



When it comes to losing weight, feeling fantastic and being healthy – food is one of the biggest parts of the equation, and thus is deserves a proportionate amount of your attention, time and money to get it right. Follow these tips for 30 days to get amazing results…


20. Eat only REAL FOOD – What do we mean by that? See your real food list at the end of this document.

21. There are thousands of man-made, synthetic food additives, preservatives, flavours, and colours etc that have been created in the last 50 years. Not only can our bodies not recognise and process these additives properly (as we have never been exposed to them before), many of them were designed to fatten up “factory farm” animals on less feed and not surprisingly, are now being linked to weight gain in humans! So, it is best to avoid them when possible. Remember – just eat real food.

22. Eliminate soft drink consumption.

23. Drink .033 x kg of your body weight in Litres of water per day, plus more when you exercise hard.

24. Reduce or eliminate all wheat and gluten products (bread, pasta, flour, cakes etc).

25. Quit the sugar addiction – try a month without sugar and see what happens!

26. Concentrate on eating simpler foods. Learn how to read food labels beyond the “box”. What is the list of ingredients, and are there multiple types of sugars? As a general rule, if something has more than 5-10 ingredients, it’s probably not very good for you!

27. Avoid Soy products – they contain phytates and trypsin inhibitors, which impact your ability to absorb protein, and can negatively affect your thyroid function.

28. Before you snack, drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes – sometimes feeling peckish is a sign you’re dehydrated. (And by the way, being dehydrated as little as 5% can reduce our thinking ability by up to 20%!)

29. Avoid “low fat” products – they are often full of sugar, or artificial sugar, and fat is not the enemy!

30. Stay away from artificial sugar like aspartame, splenda and sucralose, they are closely related to highly toxic substances and have been linked to brain disease. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are low or no calorie!

31. Reduce coffee intake to 1 (household sized!) cup per day maximum and none after 2pm.

32. Avoid commercial fruit juices – instead make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

33. Eat more green vegetables.

34. Avoid frying food in oil, instead try steaming or grilling.

35. Use natural unprocessed sea salt and throw out the table salt.

36. Avoid processed cereals and grains for breakfast – they are a great way to spike your insulin and start your day poorly.

37. There is no such thing as “breakfast” food – try dinner food for breakfast!

38. Measure how your body and emotions respond to different ratios of food and adjust accordingly.

39. Try the 80/20 rule and eat clean real food 80% of the time.

40. Don’t drink lots of liquid with your meal or straight afterwards – it can dilute your digestive enzymes.

41. Avoid “dieting” and restricting your calorie intake – this is a one-way road to failure!

42. The unsuitable diets fed to commercially-raised animals alter their nutritional value and fatty acid profile, thus promoting disease, inflammation, and obesity. Eat free range and organic meat when possible.

43. Fat is where animals store toxins – avoid animal fat from commercial meat, but enjoy the healthy fat from organic and free range meat.

44. If it comes in a box or bag, don’t eat it.

45. If it’s been sprayed with chemicals, don’t eat it.

46. If your great-grandmother didn’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t either.

47. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it.

48. If it doesn’t rot or spoil, don’t eat it.

49. Don’t fear fat – it has been given a very bad rap, and eating the right types of it is actually essential to being healthy and LOSING FAT.



Exercise is an important part of the health and fitness equation. However lot’s of exercise and poor diet often results in poor results, so if you’re wondering about where to aim your focus – food is where it’s at. Follow these exercise tips for the next 30 days to complement your new food plan and lifestyle changes to achieve outstanding results.


50. MOVE for at least 30 minutes daily.

51. Participate in exercise and movement that you ENJOY – you will stick with it much easier and it is just as good for you.

52. Strength train at least twice per week.
This means lifting things heavy enough that you can’t lift them more than 10-15 times in a row! Note, your body weight is heavy enough to use as the “load”. You don’t always need weights to strength train…

53. Strength training has a number of benefits you may not know about:
a. Avoiding Muscle Loss – if we do not strength train, we can actually LOSE MUSCLE from our mid twenties
b. Avoid Metabolic Rate Reduction – with muscle loss comes a reduction in our metabolism
c. Increase Muscle Mass
d. Increase metabolism
e. Reduce Body Fat
f. Increase Bone Density and strength
g. Improve Glucose metabolism
h. Reduce resting blood pressure

54. Get Help! Find a highly skilled coach or trainer to help you plan your healthy new lifestyle, and stick to it

55. Go for a walk after a big meal instead of sitting down.

56. Muscle tissue acts as a metabolism workhorse – the more muscle tissue you can build and maintain, the more efficient you will be at stripping fat – even in your sleep!

57. First focus on learning how to perform exercises CORRECTLY. Once you have mastered the technique (with the help of a skilled coach) then you can start increasing intensity.

58. Interval training is highly effective for fast fitness improvements and results. Work as hard as you can for a set period (say, 1 minute) then rest for a set period (say 1-2 minutes). The goal is to decrease the rest periods so they are equal to or less than the work periods, then start increasing the duration of work periods. This training method also burns fat more efficiently than longer, lower-intensity exercise.

59. Burning out is common when you first get started back into exercise. Take it easy and don’t exhaust yourself, just challenge yourself for where you are at right now, and improve step by step with each session. A skilled coach can help you achieve this.



Hormones are our master control system. They control how and when we store and burn fat, they speed up and slow down our metabolism, they control our sleep and recovery, our sex drive, our appetite – they are the big bosses of what’s going on inside us! The above lifestyle, food and exercise tips are designed to help re-balance your hormones in order to become a fat burning, healthy, vibrant person! Here’s some useful info and tips on how your hormones work…


60. Losing fat is not about calories – it’s all about HORMONES.

61. Restricting calories acts to turn on the hormones Ghrelin and NPY which regulate hunger – and the result is you end up even more hungry.

62. Insulin is the master control for regulating fat storage. It is impossible to lose fat if your insulin is elevated.

63. You can re-balance your Leptin and insulin through diet and lifestyle changes – this is the key to long term successful fat loss.

64. Here are a few symptoms of Insulin resistance:
a. Difficulty losing weight
b. Always hungry
c. Frequent urination
d. General fatigue, especially after meals
e. Need for sweets after meals
f. Excessive thirst
g. Cravings for sweets are not satisfied by eating them
h. Waist circumference equal to or greater than hips circumference
i. Irritability and anger when going too long between meals

65. It has recently been proven that our fat is actually a hormone producing organ – just like our kidneys, thyroid and adrenals. Fat is Nature’s defence system, which protects you from the danger of famine and death.

66. Dietary cholesterol has been proven to have very little impact on blood cholesterol or heart disease – processed carbohydrate consumption has been attributed to rising heart disease, plus many other health issues.

67. One quarter of our brain is made up of Cholesterol and it is critical for optimal mental function and memory.

68. Every cell in our body needs cholesterol for membrane fluidity and proper function.

69. Both Testosterone and Oestrogen rely on Cholesterol as their precursor hormone.

70. Cholesterol is essential for the production of bile acids, which help with the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins.

71. Rather than measuring total cholesterol – the ratio of LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol is a better marker for heart disease.

72. There are several different types of “the bad” LDL cholesterol. Large, buoyant LDL does not damage the arteries. Small, dense LDL does. Excess refined carbohydrates increase small and dense LDL.

73. Low HDL (“good”) cholesterol is a clear sign of excess refined carbohydrates in the diet.



Our lives are so busy these days, we often don’t stop and have “quiet time”. Our minds need to take a break, just like our body does – if we ignore this we can experience stress, anxiety, tiredness, poor concentration and just not enjoy life all that much. Here are some useful tips to help your state of mind. Master these over the next 30 days and your entire life will change…


74. Stress less – think of how big what is happening really is. Is going to be of lasting importance in the whole scheme of your entire life, your year, your month, your week, your day, or is it just important in the moment?

75. Listen to your body – it usually tells you if a food is going to work for you… Or NOT.

76. Give yourself some cheat meals – we would all go insane of we tried to be “perfect” 100% of the time!

77. If you want to be a healthy, vital and happy person, take stock of your entire circle of life and make a plan on how to balance each section:
a. Physical Health
b. Wealth/Finance
c. Relationships/social
d. Spiritual
e. Work/career
f. Family
h. Purpose/impact

78. Ask yourself if your values (what is most important to you) match your goals – and if not, change your goals or your values or you will be constantly frustrated by not succeeding at those goals that don’t line up with your values. (And whether we realise it or not, our values are reflected daily in what we choose as habit.)

79. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to achieve more, and have the wisdom, character and experience to help you grow (scrabble with turkeys or fly with eagles).

80. Action kills fear – you have to just DO it!

81. Weight loss and fat loss are two completely different objectives. Make sure you understand the difference and know what you are trying to achieve.

82. Take note of your breathing patterns when you are relaxed, angry, stressed, sleepy, happy etc. Changing your breathing can alter your mood and state of mind almost instantly – a helpful trick on your path to success (and better long-term health!).

83. Health has no relation to how much weight you can lift or how you look in a swimsuit – it is about being resistant to the signs and symptoms of illness and disease, consistently, over the long haul, not just a season.

And Finally… The last but not least tip is this:

84. Today is the day that counts – do something you enjoy TODAY, stress less TODAY, eat well TODAY, sleep well TODAY. If you live well today, you’ll be on the right track!


Now that you have seen some of the things you can be doing to effectively lose fat, get fit and healthy and feel fantastic, you just have to DO IT!

Let us know which top tips you love, or if you have any of your own that we should add to the list…


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